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Sustainable buildings and construction

Life cycle assessment in construction

Life cycle assessment incorporates a range of tasks. Starting from the creation of datasets of individual products, complete investigations of buildings, up to macroeconomic measurement of ecological potentials by optimized construction and the consideration of whole areas.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Crucial for ecological assessment of buildings is the supply of basic data on building products – e.g. in the form of environmental product declarations. (Further information about EPDs…)

Life cycle assessment of buildings

In the past, the sole consideration of operation of a building was common because of commonly high ecological impacts in the operational phase. Nowadays the consideration has to be more sophisticated: Environmental effects due to building construction become more important.

For the life cycle assessment of a building not only the relation between construction and operation of the building is important, but rather ecological weaknesses of the building are shown in detail. Using this as a basis, optimized drafts are feasible by qualified estimations in early phases where adjustments are still possible.

Certify sustainable buildings

Since the very first beginning we attend the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). As one of 16 initiators we significantly contributed to the development of the certification system. The life cycle assessment is an integral and mandatory part of the German Certificate for Sustainable Building.

Click here for more information about the German Certification for Sustainable Construction and the German Sustainable Building Council.


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