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Life Cycle Engineering in Electr(on)ics

Life Cycle Assessment of Electronic Products and Systems – Assessment of complex systems with minimized effort

As with products and services in other branches, the economic and ecological assessment of electronics evaluates the whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the End of Life.

In the case of electronic products, some specialities have to be considered, this leads to specific challenges for the LCA modelling.

In addition, legal regulations like EuP but also WEEE and RoHS add up to severe challenges for companies.

Our Expertise

The modular design principle

Based on the necessity to model and assess electronic systems fast and with justifiable effort, LBP developed the modular-system based „Generic Modules“ system. Technical systems are therefore forming the basis for highly-flexible modules. In combination with self-developed electronic and life cycle inventory analyses data sets, it’s possible to depict electronic products with justifiable effort under the guarantee of required data quality, transparency and representativity.

Analyses and results

Depending on the specific goal of a study, LCA results can be analyzed in a flexible manner, e.g. optimization of products, vulnerability analyses, market orientation or compliance of legal regulations, like EuP, WEE, RoHS.


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