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Databases and Data Format

GaBi Databases

From 1989 the department Life Cycle Engineering works with its cooperation partner thinkstep AG on the development of Life Cycle Inventory databases.

The quality, representativeness and consistency of the data are given here the top priority. This is achieved on the on hand due to the long cooperation with industry, industry associations and public institutions, on the other hand – due to the transparent documentation of all data sets.

Following the trustee principle: “FROM the industry – FOR the industry (and other users)” all the GaBi databases show the best reputation in regard to quality and availability.

The GaBi databases are divided into standard databases (lean, professional) and extension databases (construction materials, precious metals, energy, electronics, machining processes, recycling economy, coating, plastics, metals, renewable raw materials, textile finishing, organic and inorganic intermediates) and they are periodically updated.

You can find further information and the contents of the single databases under:

National Databases

The department Life Cycle Engineering is a member of the „LCA Tools and Database Developers Advisory Group“ of the „European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment“ and in this way it contributes to the development of the ELCD core database as well as the „International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD)“. At the same time the department Life Cycle Engineering supports the development of the LCA method, data format, the definition of an elementary flow list and the external review procedure.

The department Life Cycle Engineering actively participates in the following national database projects:

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